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        Kathrein UFS 910

Kathrein - HDTV satellite receiver

This HDTV receiver gives a picture of impressive quality in HD as well as in SD on a HD ready television.

The receiver has many connection options: HDMI, y-Pb-Pr, SCART, audio, three USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, etc. The two USB ports on the rear panel can be used for recording of satellite TV programs on an external hard disk or a memory stick. The recorded programs can be played via the USB connection.

The sensitivity of the tuner is extremely good.

Channel switch is a bit slow but acceptable. The channels in the main channel list can be sorted manually. Channels in the 8 TV and 8 radio favorite groups and channels in the main list can be sorted by alphabet.

A search can be performed with the transponder frequencies stored in the receiver. New transponder frequencies can be entered manually.

The software version is 2.01 of 12 February 2010. New software can be downloaded from Astra 1 or loaded by means of a USB memory stick.

The receiver works fine with an external USB hard disk of make Seagate Free Agent.

A few software tools and improvements for the receiver can be found on the internet (http://ufs910.hdtvinfo.eu).

This is a quality HDTV satellite receiver. A special attraction is the option to record and play satellite TV programs without deterioration of the picture.

Front view

Front view of Kathrein UFS 910

Rear view

Rear view of Kathrein UFS 910

Inside Kathrein

Inside view of Kathrein UFS 910

Tuner of Kathrein

Tuner of Kathrein UFS 910

Graphic User Interface

Program data

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Program data

Channel list/Favorite channels

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Channel list/Favorite channels

Electronic program guide

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Electornic program guide

Main menu

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Main menu

Search menu

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Search menu

Play list

GUI of Kathrein UFS 910: Play list